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Books by Walton Weaver

Philippians and Colossians

This is the sixth commentary in the Truth Commentaries series now being published. It is an in-depth study of these two books, including an introduction and verse-by-verse commentary, and extensive bibliographies for each book. Nice size type, making it easy to read, and includes 637 pages. Nice Burgundy and white cloth cover. Guardian of Truth Foundation, 1996. $21.95 plus shipping.

That They All May Be One: Studies on Unity, Freedom, and Authority in the Body of Christ

[Including a response (Part II, Chapters 7-17) to the
leading arguments in the book, Free in Christ,
by Cecil Hook]

There are three main divisions: Part One - The Biblical Framework, a study of five major passages from Paul on unity, and one chapter on a scriptural call for unity on the basis of biblical truth. Part Two - Free in Christ, A Response. These eleven chapters are an in-depth response to Cecil Hook. Some of this section has been posted on this website, Part Three - Other Areas of Concern. This section includes a study of Romans 14, the problem of differing opinions (an historical study), the silence of Scripture, and authority and the role of expediency. Part Four - Appendix. The book closes with an appendix of questions and answers, including significant questions that need to be answered. 315 pp. 6 x 9 in size. .Purple and gold paperback cover. Guardian of Truth Foundation, 2003. $19.95 ea. plus shipping

Let's Study Prayer

This was the author's first book, and it has been his most popular. In print since 1984, this book has been used extensively in both private and class study. It continues to be in demand. Thirteen chapters that cover such subjects as what prayer is, prayer and providence, and the qualities of acceptable prayer. There are also lessons on the practice of prayer, its conditions and content, prayer and salvation, prayer and confession of sins, as well as prayer and the intercession of Christ. 91pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in size. 3rd Printing. Now published by Guardian of Truth Foundation. $5.99 ea. plus shipping.

Partakers of His Sufferings: Studies in First Peter

With this workbook there is an opportunity for those who wish to do so to get into a more thorough study of the book of First Peter. "Search Assignments" are placed throughout the book to make this possible. A sampling of chapter titles is: Privileged Christians, The Joy of Salvation, Children of Obedience, Figures of Salvation, God's Spiritual House, Living the Gospel Away From Home (that is, on earth), Living the Gospel As Husbands and Wives, and five other challenging studies. 90 pp. 7 3/4 x 10 in size. Beautiful blue and yellow cover. TAM Publications. $4.50 ea. plus shipping.

Faith Made Perfect: Studies in James

Another favorite of many has been this study of the book James. This book follows the same format as the study on First Peter. "Search Assignments" are placed throughout each chapter. A summary lesson on each chapter is included. There are thirteen lessons, but ample material to spend much more time in the study of James. Study such subjects as Rejoicing in Tribulation, Plain Talk About Temptation, The Best Bible Translation (into life!), When Religion Becomes Worthless, Prejudice: The Great Robber of the Soul, The Faith That Saves, A Small But Significant Subject (the tongue), and six more important studies from the book of James. 122 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in size. Burgundy and white cover. TAM Publications. $3.95 ea. plus shipping.

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